On April 21, 2017, Steve Pelaez was hit by an SUV while riding his bicycle. With the worst coma score possible and a profound, brain bleed and swelling, doctors said he may never wake up. Steve started speaking on Fatherís Day, 59 days after the accident. He is the one in a million. Together, our family of four, extended family, and community helped Steve find the light again. In the process, we elevated our own lives. We say Steve survived because we are all for (4) love.

Steveís future is unknown, but our family is all 4 love. All4LOVE.org is a non-profit to help all people find experts, resources, and motivation to improve their lives. When you are All4LOVE, any problem in your life can be resolved. Our family is the case study. We canít wait to share our passion for living a meaningful, spiritual, and healthy life with you!

-The Pelaez Family of 4